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Our software automates the process of translating text from one language to another. The novel application uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence-based machine learning (deep learning) and Blockchain, which is offered as an annual subscription, but obtainable for shorter periods. It is capable of translating any language into a comprehensible user document. Wealth management involves complex deals consisting hundreds and sometimes thousands of documents. The following capabilities are generally offered through the software;

Website Localization, Business Communication Translation, marketing content localization, pitch decks, videos, Financial Data customization, and Performance Reports for investors to be kept up-to-date with regular reporting, using their language of preference.

The concept used in our machine translation application is a new concept called Cross-Linguistic Capability, which will have very intriguing and beneficial implications for global economic activities. Blockchain permits sending and receiving secure and unalterable information and payments anywhere in the world.

Blockchain is intended to be a digital ledger comprising economic transactions that cannot be corrupted but can be programmed to capture and write down financial transactions. Blockchain technology would help to keep costs down, and translation services will need this. It presents opportunities for cross-linguistic and cross-cultural communications in the era of Blockchain to enable the convergence of linguistic capability with blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Our value proposition is as follows:

Information is communicated securely and error-free using a combination of AI and blockchain technology to be understood by employees, customers, and partners, through a software platform using Deep learning that mimics the human brain. These neural networks self-correct without human engineers providing input and learning independently, very much like a human would.

Blockchain alongside AI combines translation with Cyber security risk reduction, resulting in faster and more cost-effective processing of international payments, loans, and digital asset transactions across borders, resulting in significant demand for multilingual content. Human intervention is eliminated through built-in self-correction and quality control mechanisms.