Our Company FAQ

Frequently Questions

1-What kind of business purposes are covered by Invesigma?

Providing accurate and secure translation for business contracts, agreements, business documents, legal fees, tax credits, etc., are only some of the services that our application offers to clients.

2-Is this software secure?

Yes, its security is protected by blockchain technology

3-Is the trial version available?

yes, users can get a one-month free trial account

4-How to pay for the account?

Users can pay by PayPal

5-Does this application work on Windows, iPhone, or android?

The first version of Invesigma is presently available on Android, and our next version will be available on both IOS and Android. We are currently operating on our platforms to upload them on Googleplay and Appstore.

6-How fast can I receive my translation?

Invesigma provides exact and secure translation services while you are importing your data.

7- For what kind of jobs and careers is Invesigma most suitable?

Wealth managers, insurance agencies, real estate agents, business owners, property managers, etc., are among our most common users.

8-Where can I download this application from?

You can reach the download link by visiting our "Application tab" on the menu on our official website.