Vision :

Unique AI & Blockchain Translation App helps Canadian wealth managers extend their market globally by the secure transaction.


The wealth management industry is becoming increasingly integrated, and globalized businesses and workforces ensure that the flow of capital spans both cultural and language barriers. Without precise information and communication, this level of globalization would be impossible. Progressively, English is no longer the only language for business. Translation to many other languages is essential as Finance flourishes on detail and accuracy. For this reason, companies are increasingly turning to professional finance translation teams to ensure that their financial translations are exact. Venture Capital, for example, is a truly global industry that is highly dependent on accurate translations of financial documents. To be precise, these complicated deals require hundreds and sometimes thousands of copies. A single mistranslation can break the agreement. To take benefit of a competitive global investment, specialized finance translation services are essential to achieving these aims. We intend to create a translation software where the origin of input from wealth managers can be automatically translated with 100% accuracy and sent to the receiver/ investor with the utmost confidentiality. The short-term goal is to offer translation application software to financial institutions, advisors and real estate agents in Canada. Long-term goals include complex global marketplace transactions, such as investments in hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital.